Augusta FUTURE

What future Augusta?

Augusta, like many towns in the southwest is experiencing fast growth.

A few of the known developments occuring at the moment and in the near future include; new commercial premises, a luxury unit development in the centre of town, a residential subdivision on the outskirts of town, the ongoing redevelopment of the Leeuwin lighthouse compound including cafe, visitors centre and interpretive walks, the redevelopment of the Jewel Cave complex including visitor centre, cafe and visitor experience.

Some of the other developments known to be in the planning stage (some closer to fruition than others; a safe port boat harbour and an abalone farm including world class seafood restaurant with quality accomodation on the coast.

It is also envisaged in the draft town planning scheme currently going through the approval process that the town centre will be linked to the river via a continous commercial precinct. It is hoped this will also lead to high class development of the riverfront while being careful to maintain that which Augusta is renowned for - pristine environment.

A town with a big future! A town to be a part of!